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Rapala Jointed Clackin Rap JCNR-14  14cm 43g

Rapala Jointed Clackin Rap JCNR-14 14cm 43g

Designed primarily for slow swim bait presentations, the Jointed Clackin’ Rap swims with a natural, life-like swim bait action that is accented with a cadence rattle from the Rapala’s signature Clackin’ Chamber. The life-like 3D details combined with an internal metallic finish add to the attraction. At high speeds the Jointed Clackin’ Rap features a tighter swimming action and can also be used for fast trolling.
Signature Clackin’ Cadence Rattle
Lipless Design
Natural Swim Bait Action
Natural & Attractor Patterns
Slow Sinking
Black Nickel VMC® Hooks
Slow Sinking
3D Holographic Eyes
X-Style Finish

Depth: Variable
Lenght: 14 cm
Weight: 43 g

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