Rapala Ultra Light Minnow ULM-04 lures 4cm 3g

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Big action in a small bait, the Ultra Light Minnow has a weighted body that casts incredibly far for such a small bait. Slow-sinking, its unique lip design creates a hard kicking action.

  • Weighted Body
  • Unique Lip Design
  • Hard Kicking Action
  • External Scales
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
  • Depth: 0.6 - 0.9m
  • Weight: 3g

How to Fish

Swimming at less than one meter deep, the Ultra Light Minnow is an impressive shallow water lure; though targeting deeper prey is as simple as employing the CountDown method and fishing the lure with a slow, irregular retrieve.

The CountDown method is an effective technique of covering the entire water column. Once you have counted your lure down to the desired depth, commence your slow-to-moderate retrieve to maintain your UL Minnow’s depth track. Stop and start with an imparted aggressive twitch to give added appeal and attraction to your lure; or increase the retrieve speed to imitate a baitfish fleeing to the surface, which will often induce a strike.


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