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AD-CG001 ceramic gas cooker designed for outdoor cooking. It works perfectly at the campsite, on a construction site, in the garden or at home, during power outages. AD-CG001 is equipped with an efficient ceramic burner. Thanks to the huge number of holes that lead out the burning gas, it provides a more stable flame even in the wind.

The automatic piezo ignition makes the burner easy to ignite by turning the tap and simply pressing the button next to the cartridge.

The AD-CG001 ceramic stove is compatible with standard cheap MSF-1a 230 (227) gram gas cartridges. One cartridge is enough for about 90 minutes of work. Thanks to the use of a cartridge with an automatic valve, the gas container can be detached from the stove many times for transport.

In addition, the AD-CG001 ceramic cooker can be powered from a classic propane-butane cylinder. The set includes a screw-on adapter that allows you to connect the gas line to the cooker's built-in reducer.

The AD-CG001 ceramic cooker is equipped with a safe cartouche assembly/disassembly system that allows for its quick replacement within a few seconds with a single lever.

Gas not include.

AD-CG001 345mm x 270mm x 90mm
Torch diameter 73mm
Mass 2 kg
Power 2000W
Fuel butane from cartridges or propane-butane from cylinders


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