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Hemp seed is widely recognized as bait that attracts and retains all fish species. Belgians are known as the best masters in Europe when fishing with hemp and have a long string of successes with this bait. In the UK as the best competitors and most famous trophy fish anglers often use large quantities of hemp seed. Proved that hemp hold fish in place of fishing better than any other known additive. With crushing and then roasting seeds, Marcel Van Den Eynde takes another step forward in the preparation of this wonderful mix. Since the particles are smaller, the fish passage need more time to eat all the supplements groundbait. Crushing and baking hemp seed also retrieve all the fat that is attractive for the fish.

Proven suggestions for recipes:
Use "directly from the bag" without adding water during fishing with a closed feeder with casters, maggots or whole hemp seed.
Use " directly from the bag ', humidified when fishing with a closed feeder with casters, maggots or whole hemp seed.
Mix 50/50 with brown bread crumbs and feed from hand with balls adding casters and maggots.
Mixed with any groundbait the hemp will improve its potential to attract and retain quality fish at your place for fishing.


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