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Maxx PRO braid line 135m Grey

Maxx PRO braid line 135m Grey


Globe Maxx Pro Braid - surprisingly good braided cord for little money. You see, some kind of technological experience of the Chinese.

The Maxx Pro cord is clearly not a flat section, the technology used was three-layer weaving from a large number of microfibers.

For example, metal leashes 7x1 and 7x7 can be represented. The lead of 49 fibers with the same diameter is much stronger and more elegant than the lead of 7 steel filaments.

So in the case of the cord, very sturdy and soft.

The Globe Maxx Pro cord is impregnated with silicone and polyurethane sealant, thanks to which the cord has a very small coefficient of friction. What significantly increases the wear resistance of the cord and its abrasive properties - holds the shell, stones well.


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