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The Tsunami Pro Shad Jigheads Packs for 2016/17 build on an already stunning reputation and trustworthiness held by the Tsunami brand name.

Enjoy exciting freshwater and saltwater fish catching action with a Tsunami Pro Shad Jigheads Pack stacked in your tackle box. Choose the hook size and pack that suits your tackle box needs best.

Tsunami offers amazing high quality at a very affordable price. This is Tsunami’s brand name reputation on the line - your fishing line that delivers more fish. Round hooks helps make it easier to thread line - spend more time chasing fish instead of setting up your tackle with Tsunami Pro Shad Jigheads Packs.

Lead round head with carbon steel hooks, super edgy and durable materials all add to the value for money offered by Tsunami Pro Round Jigheads Packs.

Tsunami Pro Shad Jigheads are generally used with grubs, worms, shad and shrimp. Tsunami Pro Round Jigheads have the proven track record for successful fishing. Get an immediate response from your rod and catch more fish with Tsunami Pro Shad Jigheads.

Model Pack Qty
Pro Shad Jigheads  1/16oz, 1.75g Hook Sz 6 6
Pro Shad Jigheads  1/16oz, 1.75g Hook Sz 4 6

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