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Aberdeen hooks are generally not very strong and are used for fishing with light tackle. There is where Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks redefine Aberdeen Hooks and give anglers the perfect choice of terminal tackle for the business end of their lines. These hooks are set to become flag bearers for Aberdeen style hooks.

Made from extra-strong black nickel plated wire, these Tsunami Mako


Aberdeen Hooks are designed to stand the test of time. The hooks have been chemically sharpened for razor sharpness that will penetrate through any soft lure or fish with a soft mouth with incredible ease. Ideal for freshwater angling where they perform at their best, Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks may also be used for saltwater fishing with similar great results.

Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks also differ from other hooks in the same class by having slightly larger gapes, which are perfect for using bigger baits like squid and worm cocktails. Anglers can use these hooks to target bigger game fish like Bass, Cod, Queenfish, Panfish and Cobia without fear of bending them out of shape.

Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks do retain the qualities that make Aberdeen hooks such a favourite with anglers. They can be bent to fit different jig molds giving anglers ample flexibility with their rigs. They are also easy to retrieve from snags because of their bendable nature which allows anglers to twist them back into shape once retrieved. Anglers can go ahead and use the Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks without fear of losing one at every turn.

For anglers looking to fish with light tackle, these Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hooks are the ticket to improved catching rates. Bigger and better than the competition, there is no stopping the Tsunami Mako Aberdeen Hook from becoming firm favourites with anglers all over the world.

  • 10 pcs per pack


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