Traper Feeder Series groundbait 2.5kg

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Popular among fans of bottom fishing series, which includes 4 types of bait mixture - "Bream", "Carp", "Turbo" and "Dynamics". In this line, anglers can largely format the properties of the mixture, depending on the volume of water introduced into it.The sub-series "Carp" has a dark yellow color, contains persistent flavors with the addition of a large-scale "pastochino". The variant "Bream" is created in a classical clay shade, adapted to all types of reservoirs, preserves stable efficiency at wide temperature indicators of a water object. Includes aroma of "long" action and a large amount of sponge cake, the effectiveness of this mixture can be increased by adding an additive "Traper Melasa". The "Dynamics" series is universal both in the species line of the objects of catching and in the season of catching. Created with an emphasis on the use of flow, allows the introduction of a wide range of attractants. Feeder series "Traper Turbo" - more specialized bait, designed to catch carp, tench and crucian carp in ponds in the warm season. The composition of the plant components in this case is balanced with the medium fraction biscuit crumb and includes a number of sweet flavors. The version of the package of 2.5 kg allows you to get excellent quality of the mixture at the lowest price.


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