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Strike Pro X Buster 17cm 90g

Strike Pro X Buster 17cm 90g


XBuster is a new swimbait/jerkbait from Strike Pro. A jointed swimbait with an outstanding action. You can crank, rip, twitch, pull, troll or jerk ...just remember to pause in any combination - an extremely versatile predator catching machine. The XBuster has a wide sweeping action when you crank it. When you pause the XBuster glides deadly to left or right and stays in the strike zone. The XBuster has also great side to side jerk action. Super easy to work, short pulls work the best. Great lure for all season long.

Lenght: 17 cm
Weight: 90 gram
Depth: suspending
Material: High impact plastic with rattle chamber
Hooks: Owner ST-36 2/0
Tail: Replaceable rubber tail

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