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Storm so-run superu shad 4''


The Storm So-Run Superu is a shad with a large-ish paddle tail. 

The Storm So-Run jigs are made using a high-quality material that floats, which is a departure from the norm. Here buoyancy translates to sensitive motion and effectiveness. 

Different angling techniques have also been taken into account in the design of Storm's So-Run jigs. The bodies of the lures have grooves on the back and belly to allow versatile rigging options, including the use of weedless hooks.

Buoyancy and the different rigging options open up entirely new angling possibilities. If you choose to use a lighter worm hook in a Carolina rig, for example, the So-Run Superu Shad will not sink to the bottom but instead it will keep catching fish and reacting to the slightest water currents or tugs of the rod as long as it remains in the water.

Available in 4" and 5" models.

4" = 6 per pack / 5" = 5 per pack

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