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SpiderWire 8 Braid & Fluorocarbon Duo Spool System 150m

SpiderWire 8 Braid & Fluorocarbon Duo Spool System 150m

€32.50 €34.50
What size fishing leader to use with my favorite diameter braid? This unique new braid and fluorocarbon duo spool concept from Spider Wire offers you a well-balanced combination of mainline and leader in one pack! You can easily fix the small spool of the Vanish fluorocarbon leader material into the larger spool of the proven Stealth Smooth 8 braided mainline, which is great for easy transport and having the two together at all times. The combinations are ideal for various predator fish like zander, perch, trout and seabass.
  • Carefully selected braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader combinations by our predator experts
  • Innovative Duo spool-in-spool system
  • Combinations are specially selected for zander, perch, trout and seabass
  • Stealth Smooth 8 braided PE mainline in low-viz Moss Green
  • Clear Vanish 100% Fluorocarbon, virtually invisible for fish under water

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