Shimano Beastmastrer DX spinning rods

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The progressive action of the Beastmaster helps to ensure easy lure presentation and great control during the fight. A lot of heat can build up on the ceramics whilst battling large predators, and this can damage the line. With the Fuji Improved Hard guides, the level of heat is dramatically reduced, vastly helping to increase the longevity of your mainline and prevent any unnecessary breakages.

XT Carbon
XT Carbon is used throughout the Shimano rod range. The number following the XT (XT100), denotes the quality of carbon fibre used. The higher the number, the stronger the carbon. Where different types of carbon are combined to create the required action both numbers will be shown (XT60/40).

Biofibre powered
Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.

SDR (Shimano Dynamic Response)
The unique SDR construction process eliminates any spine forming during manufacture, meaning the blank action remains uniform, regardless of which way the rod is bent.

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