Shimano AERO 4000 Spinning FA reel

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The Shimano Aero Spin 4000 FA harnesses the power of Shimano's strong engineering background and Japanese roots to make a unique statement in high performance reel design. The Aero reels have Shimano X-ship engineering which provides smooth and efficient power transfer from the handle to the rotor, even when placed under excessive stress. The Aero Spinning version is equipped with a relatively slow 4.8:1 gear ratio which delivers a more controllable performance when working all types of lure and increased torque and power when playing hard fighting predators. Finished in metallic silver, the Aero Spin features both Aero Wrap II and an oversized AR-C spool which combine to deliver outstanding casting performance, even with lightweight lures. The Aero Spinning comes with two different sized line reducers enabling spool capacity to be changed to suit personal preference - perfect for anglers who swap between braid and mono reel lines.

  • X-Ship
  • AR-C spool & Aerowrap II
  • Incl spool reducers
  • 3 Shielded AR-B bearings & 1 roller bearing
  • Front drag
  • Single maching aluminium handle
  • Super Stopper II
  • Dyna-Balance
  • Power Roller
  • Floating Shaft II
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