Sensas Tracix Dye 100g

Colour: Red
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Sensas Tracix can be added to groundbait to add colour and it leaches out from the bait creating a cloud in the water.
The different colours can be used for most applications but listed below are a few of the favourite uses.

  • Red - Good all year and especially for Roach & Chub.
  • Yellow - Good for big fish on the bottom or Bleak when surface fishing.
  • Black - Ideal for darkening bait especially in clear water and winter time when Roach fishing.
  • White - Good for Bream on the bottom or Bleak on the surface.
  • Orange - use for big fish in warmer weather.
  • Brown - Good allround colour for Roach, Bream & Bleak.
  • Yellow Lemon - creates a long lasting cloud, ideal for all fish.

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