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Sensas Ready To Fish groundbait 1.25kg - Roach

3000 READY groundbaits are the new convenient answer to this problem! With 3000 READY the groundbait has already been perfectly wetted for you. All you have to do is open the bag, give it a quick riddle to knock the lumps out and get fishing! Contained in each pack is the benefit of years of experinece gleaned by top Sensas match anglers in the art of groundbait preperation. With your groundbait mixed by champions all that you have to do is fish like one!

Take the famous 3000 roach mix and get top Sensas match anglers to knock it up for you. The result? 3000 ready roach. Once you know that a champion has prepared your groundbait, you can have 110% confidence that it will be spot on!

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