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Sensas 3000 Club groundbait 2.5kg - VIVADO

Sensas 3000 Club groundbait 2.5kg


This range of quality Sensas 'Club' groundbaits offer a range of baits to suit your venue and species.
Available in 1kilo and 2.5 kilo bags this offers great value if you are using large amounts of bait.


  • Bream - Available in 'standard' which goes a deep yellow colour when wetted or Brown & Black to suit water conditions.
  • Lake - This is a pale fine mix which will break up when it reaches the bottom.
  • River - Medium texture and binds quite well for deeper or moving water.
  • Roach - Available in natural or black colour which both are quite fine.
  • Big Roach - Slightly larger particles for better quality fish.
  • Feeder is designed for standard cage or open end feeders. Light brown it will break up quickly.

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