Sensas 3000 Bream - River Bream 1kg

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  • Groundbait used and designed by french international Jean Desqke
  • For best results, place groundbait and additives in a round mixing bowl.
  • Blend the dry ingredients thoroughly before adding water.
  • Add water slowly whilst vigorously stirring the mix together. This procedure is made easier with a sponge, which allows even distribution of water.
  • The use of a round groundbait bowl means there are no corners to trap and leave dry groundbait.
  • When the mix begins to appear adequately dampened set it aside for 5-10 minutes.
  • You should find after 10 minutes the mix will require a little more water before it's ready for use.
  • If you are using damp leam add it to the mixture now, and not earlier.


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