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Scierra Loop connectors for fly lines 5 pcs/pack

Scierra Loop connectors for fly lines 5 pcs/pack

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The connection between fish and fisherman is truly magical and nothing should be left to chance. Luckily, the Scierra Fly Line Loop Connectors are a great solution. These braided loops can be used as a very reliable front loop. They are particularly great for lines that are hard to weld.

In addition, they can also be used for connecting different kinds of lines due to their length of 22 cm. Cutting of the loop creates a long and hollow tube, which you can slide over the end of both lines. It should be secured with a piece of shrinking tube and a drop of superglue. This is a great way of creating an extremely reliable and permanent connection between a running line and a shooting head or a fly line and a sinking tip – without an annoying loop-to-loop connection.

In short: The Scierra Fly Line Loop Connectors provide your fly line with a reliable front loop and they allow you to build a highly customized line setup!


  • Braided loops for fly lines
  • Relatively small diameter and therefore suitable for line classes #3 to #6
  • Made of a very robust, floating material
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Content: one loop per pack
  • Colour: transparent

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