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Savage Gear Caviar Spinner #3 9.5g 04-Fluo Orange & Silver

Savage Gear Caviar Spinner #3 9.5g 04-Fluo Orange & Silver

The Savage Gear spinners are truly unique in quality and design. We
bring new innovation to a very traditional lure type in a remarkable
way. The Caviar spinners have a build in offset tungsten ball in the
fish egg imitating body – giving unparalleled casting distance and a true
“Non-kink” function. The grade A stainless steel blade has been perfected
in shape, after thousands of hours of test – to give perfect rotation in
both rivers and streams as well as still water – even at slow speed and
immediately as the spinner hits the water. Each spinner is tank tested and is
an individual piece of Jewellery, constructed by high quality components and
equipped with Customized Japanese Treble hooks. Superb for Trout, Salmon and most
Predators out there.
If item not in stock, delivery takes few days longer.
  • Long cast Tungsten body
  • True Non-Kink construction
  • Forged stainless steel split rings
  • Customized Japanese Treble hook
  • Immediate rotation

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