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A super versatile eel imitation packed with innovative features. The design is simple but very clever and will give excellent results when fishing for any predator that naturally fishes for eel or lamprey. Just fish it with a cast and retrieve it with an odd pull and pause, and you'll be amazed. The long tail is attached by a corkscrew attachment and allows the lure to swing seductively back and forth leaving a large eel-like tail. When the tail is screwed into the 'tail down' position, the buoyancy force of the tail will push the head of the lure down so that it will run all the way back just below the surface at more or less the same depth. Turn the tail into the 'tail down' position and it will push the head up, bringing the lure straight to the surface, creating a super wake effect. Combine these two great moves with 3D-scanned details that will fool even the most intrusive predators and you have a winning combination.

  • 3D scanned details
  • Hard ABS body with corkscrew tail mount
  • Supplied with two soft tails
  • Built-in rattle
  • SGY 1X BN treble hook #1

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