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Ryobi Amazon Rear Drag Reel

Ryobi Amazon Rear Drag Reel


Ryobi Amazon reels feature a super-smooth precision rear drag system that allows the angler to adjust the drag mid-fight. Available in two spin sizes and also a 4000 size Match reel, Amazon reels feature lightweight graphite construction with the 2000 size weighing just 268gms.

Amazon rear drag reels combine high speed gear ratio's and Ryobi's balanced rotor system for super smooth operation. Precision made gears are brass and helix and provide long wearing and ultra smooth performance. The handle design is one-touch folding alloy fitted with a soft knob for comfort when fishing. The hard duralumin spools are V-Shaped with a zero degree taper which provides the angler with longer casting capabilities and superior line control. Another feature with these reels is the braid-friendly thick bail wire and RFO system.

Amazon reels are fitted with 4 high quality stainless steel ball bearings and an infinite anti-reverse for solid hook-sets. Ryobi Amazon rear drag reels provide exceptionally good performance at a value price.


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Model Reel/Spool Capacity Retrieve Ratio Bearings
4000 Reel Reel 220yds/12lb 5.0:1 4+1
4000 Match Rear Drag Reel Reel 220yds/12lb 5.0:1 4+1

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