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Rovex Wireless 2+1 Bite Alarm and Receiver Set


The Rovex wireless bite alarm sets offers fantastic value for money and stunning looks with many features to boast. The alarms feature variable volume, tone and sensitivity settings to allow the angler to completely personalise the alarms to their own requirements or change them during the fishing session to suit the conditions or fishing styles they use.

The alarms feature built in removable snag ears to secure your rods even if fishing demanding swims or “locked up” for big fish near to snags. These alarms allow the angler to have total peace of mind once they have cast out that the receiver will pick up every movement of your rig day or night.

The Rovex bite alarm set can be made into a 3 or 4 rod setup easily by purchasing separate alarm heads and pairing them up to the receiver. Other LED colours available to add to the set are yellow and green.

  • Rovex Wireless 2+1 Bite Alarm & Receiver Set is a fantastic value for money alarms set that has: variable tone, sensitivity control and a volume dial, plus they benefit from removable snag ears.
  • 1 x Red, 1 x Blue and receiver.
  • Batteries not included

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