Rovex Tideline Beach Rods

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Rovex Tideline Beach Rods offer a finish and performance that truly belong on rods that cost much more. This is the perfect Rovex range for the angler who favors variety of gamefish in different saltwater scenarios but likes to use the same tackle in each situation.

Anglers enjoy the advantage of the Rovex Tideline Beach Rod’s composite blank performance. Anglers are able to cast further with more accuracy. The composite blanks of Rovex Tideline Beach Rods also offer enhanced sensitivity allowing anglers to feel when the target takes a bite. Rovex Tideline Beach Rods are extremely popular with anglers chasing prey that is careful with taking bait.

Rovex Tideline Beach Rod composite blanks are not limited to sensitivity and powerful casting. Rovex composite blanks are known for their strength and fast action. Anglers catch more fish when working the surf with a Rovex Tideline Beach Rod.

Rovex Tideline Beach Rods come in a variety of lengths suitable for all surf fishing with two models designed specifically for chasing Bass. Heavier casting strengths are available for the angler fishing for larger species or those using heavier lures and tackle. Screw lock seats ensure the angler’s reel stays secured during the toughest of battles while the quality guides keep fishing line spooling smooth both on casting and retrieve.

Rovex Tideline Beach Rods are ideal in power casting situations where medium to long range beach or mixed rough ground is the norm. Combined with Rovex Tideline Reels, the package becomes one fully balanced outfit.

Rovex Tideline Beach Rods come in two-piece, three-piece and four-piece models.



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