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Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad 5cm

€13.70 €13.90

Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad 5 cm 5.5g wobbler

Here it is, a long-throwing and sinking wobbler for perch fishing! The design of Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad makes it very long-throwing and accurate. Thanks to the rapidly sinking body, the wobbler can sink to the desired depth and go close to the target fish. Solid Shad's movement kicks violently and emphasizes the side movement of the body.


  • Durable, fast-sinking plastic body
  • A powerful kicking movement
  • Compound body thread
  • VMC Black Nickle hooks
  • Length 5cm
  • Weight 5.5 g
  • Excellent perch bait!