Prologic Blow Back Combi Rig 15cm 15lbs/XC2

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These Prologic Blow Back Combi Rigs are made of high quality materials and parts. The hairs are provided with a ‘Blow Back’ sleeve, an extra ring that is loose on the hook shank so that the hair can slide over the hook. This increases the chance of hookset. These rigs are perfect for pop up and other presentations. The Blow Back Combi Rigs are packaged in pairs and are available in several varieties.

- Ready-to-use rigs
- Number: 2 pieces per package
- Length: 15cm
- Hook size: 2, 4, 6 or 8
- Breaking strain: 15 or 25lbs
- Equipped with ‘Blow Back’ sleeve
- XC2 carbon steel hook
- Very strong braided line
- Anti-Tangle Sleeve
- Finished with heat shrinkable tubing
- Including boiliestoppers
- Perfect for pop up and other presentations

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