Preston Innovations OFFBOX 36 Standard Kit Safe

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The Standard Kit Safe provides the angler with an excellent solution for storing as many as eight top kits. The single OffBox 36 attachment allows the Kit Safe to be mounted in any position on one of the legs of the seat box, allowing you to have all your top kits right at hand. It is equipped with an 8-piece drop-off head and the same, wraparound EVA back, which also features Pulla Bung-friendly backplate. Complete with Quick Release Cam to instantly adjust the length of the support for longer topsets. The integrated Quick Release Inserts on the EVA heads, results in an incredibly effective drop-off support. Comes standard in a padded carrying case and can be combined with leg profiles up to 36mm in diameter.
    • Providing an excellent top kit storage solution
    • Great for holding up to eight kits
    • Keep all your top kits close to hand
    • Supplied with an 8 section roost head
    • Also, a corresponding captive EVA rear head
    • Complete with Pulla Bung friendly back plate
    • Complete with Quick Release Cam
    • Instantly adjust the length accommodating longer kits
    • Supplied in a padded carry case as standard
    • Compatible with leg profiles up to 36mm in diameter
    • Inserts supplied: 30mm Round, 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox


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