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Preston Distance Master Feeder Rods

€319.90 €329.90

With nearly two years in development these are the highest quality distance feeder rods Preston Innovations have ever produced, designed in conjunction with international anglers Lee Kerry, Mick Vials and Arnout Van De Stadt you can be assured these rods are the best money can buy. Featuring oversized stand-off guides, flat butt, and 3 carbon tips (3.5mm) these rods really do stand out in terma of quality and performance.


  • 3.8m (12ft6) 80gr   

    This is a perfect all-round rod which will cover most situations when distance fishing, whether it be launching method feeders or punching out cage feeders this rod will do it all. Suitable for casting up to 80m this rod has the perfect balance of both casting and fish playing action. The softer tip prevents hook pulls at the vital netting stage, but the powerful middle section allows you to achieve the distance required with ease.

  • 4.0m (13ft2) 100gr 

    This rod will surely be very popular amongst the natural venue enthusiasts as it ticks all the boxes for the increasingly popular big open water bream fishing. Capable of casting distances around 100m but retaining the ultimate
    fish playing action this rod really is a superb tool for a variety of applications.

  • 4.2m (13ft10) 120gr 

    The most powefull rod in this range is capable of casting well in excess of a 100m this rod is truly a specialist tool. It makes the perfect big open water Carp rod where getting those few extra yards in the depths of winter is vital for those extra bites. As well as being the ideal choice in rough conditions or when you really need to hit the distance on those big natural waters when fishing for Bream. The action of the rod truly needs to be seen to be believed although powerful it’s also progressive which allows you to land everything you may hook.

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