Fox Rage Predator Warrior Deadbait Rod

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The Fox Rage Predator Warrior rods need no introduction. Over the years the Warrior rod range have been renowned for their high quality and affordable price point.
The Fox Warrior rods are built on a sleek matt black blank and finished off with a cork handle giving the whole rod that touch of class. The blank itself is of a medium-fast action giving you the backbone required for setting hooks easily and comfortably while still providing you with the ability to cast baits at distance with accuracy, thanks to the rod blanks quick recovery.
The cork handle maintains residual heat in cooler temperatures. This means that they are more comfortable to handle on those cold winter days.
Fitted with Fox Slik guides, these guides are both mono and braid friendly, as the name suggests, Fox have improved the line management of their guides to help the line flow effortlessly through their guides to help increase casting distance thanks to their minimalist design.
The Fox designed reel seat is solid and holds the reel in place with no play in the reel seat whatsoever, ensuring the reel sits snug and secure to the rod blank.
The range comes with a 10ft 3lb test curve and 12ft 3.25lb test curve model.

The 10ft 3lb test curve model is the boat fishing model, with a reduced handle length and reduced overall length to allow for better manoeuvrability in a boat and providing better leverage when bullying fish away from anchor ropes. The beefy 3lb test curve boat rod has the ability to tame the largest of pike with ease. The 10ft model will pair nicely with a 4500 - 6000 sized free spool style reel.

The 12ft model comes in a 3.25lb test curve and is a brute of a rod. Coming equipped with 7 fox slik guides, the 3.25 test curve will give you the power for casting large leads and small baits a long way or alternatively it will cast a larger bait and small lead configuration with ease. The well-balanced Warrior rods will accommodate larger freespool reels (8000-10000 size) or big pit style reels and are suited for those larger reservoirs or loch venues.

Overall the Fox Rage Predator Warrior rods are a great rod for predator anglers on a budget or for someone that is looking for a reasonably priced entry-level rod.

  • 2 piece design
  • Strong blanks and guides
  • Eye-catching Warrior graphics
  • 10ft ideal for pike boat fishing/float ledgering tactics
  • 12ft is ideal for casting big baits or big leads and small baits
  • Both rods feature a full cork handle and Warrior graphics
  • Matt black finish
  • Supplied with rod bag
  • 10ft / 3lb
  • 12ft / 3.25lb


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