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Pontoon 21 Cheeky lures 6.8cm 5.1g - Floating

€10.50 €10.90

Cheeky has very provocative game at any (even slow) speed of steady retrieving. But… it was created not for this purpose…

The main purpose of Cheeky is to be attractive at un-steady method of manipulation. In other words, Cheeky likes strong, hard-edged hand of angler. Jerking of any frequency and level of power – and Cheeky shows incredible numbers and variations of pirouettes in top water' layers. Inside balancing system consists of 3 metal half-moving balls (Koto-Koto Balance System).

Another system consists of 3 smaller balls, moving freely in a separate chamber locating at the top par of lure.

Being combined, these two systems of balls provide permanent offset of lure's center of gravity. This is a secret of Cheeky's alive game.

Running depth: 0.5-0.8m

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