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Owner Cultiva Mira Vibe 6cm 9g (JAPAN)


This small Rattlin - the real killer of small pike, featuring a wide habitat use. It is significant that it is available not only relatively shallow (up to 2.0-2.5 m) bays reservoirs, ponds and lakes, but also small and medium-sized rivers with a fairly fast-flowing. The recommended and most common ways to use this bait are catching vzabros, followed by a step or undulating in the water column wiring or wiring strike sharply on the bottom and trolling with a slow-moving boat. The special features of "anatomical" structure MIRA VIBE definitely should include - high body with the upper fastening loop, integrated steel balls-rattles, which create unique sounds with the wiring; "Voluminous bright eyes", fascinating predator, and a pair of sharp descent excluding fish tees Owner ST-36.


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