Okuma Helios SX Spinning Rods

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Size: 2.7m
Style: 15-45g
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Okuma Helios SX rods freature 30T carbon construction, slim blanks with fast action, Japanese split EVA handles. Award winning Helios SX rod comes in 16 different spin models and one trigger model covering all your spinning needs from 2-8 gr 165 cm ultra light fishing to 20-60 gr 300cm jigging rod.

- 30T carbon construction
- Slim blanks with fast action
- Japanese split EVA handles
- Ergonomic touch blank screw up reel seat
- CCS SIC gunsmoke guides
- Customized Okuma butt cap
- Delivered in cloth bag

HSX-S-562L L 1.65m 2-pcs 2-8 35mm 230mm 6+Tip A 88
HSX-S-602L L 1.80m 2-pcs 2-10 35mm 230mm 6+Tip A 90
HSX-S-662ML ML 1.95m 2-pcs 7-18 35mm 260mm 6+Tip A 95
HSX-S-702L L 2.10m 2-pcs 4-15 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 95
HSX-S-702ML ML 2.10m 2-pcs 8-20 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 104
HSX-S-702M M 2.10m 2-pcs 10-30 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 118
HSX-S-742ML ML 2.28m 2-pcs 8-25 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 105
HSX-S-742M M 2.28m 2-pcs 12-35 35mm 280mm 7+Tip A 116
HSX-S-742MH MH 2.28m 2-pcs 20-50 35mm 280mm 7+Tip A 124


2-pcs 8-25 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 113
HSX-S-802M M 2.40m 2-pcs 15-40 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 123
HSX-S-802MH MH 2.40m 2-pcs 20-50 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 135
HSX-S-902ML ML 2.70m 2-pcs 8-25 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 128
HSX-S-902M M 2.70m 2-pcs 15-45 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 144
HSX-S-902MH MH 2.70m 2-pcs 20-60 35mm 310mm 8+Tip A 154
HSX-S-1002M M 3.00m 2-pcs 20-50 35mm 370mm 9+Tip A 162
  Casting Rods
HSX-C-662ML ML 1.95m 2-pcs 7-18 40mm 275mm 9+Tip B 99
Travel Spin Rods
HSX-S-704ML ML 2.13m 2-pcs 5-20 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 107
HSX-S-704M M 2.13m 2-pcs 10-30 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 115
HSX-S-704MH MH 2.13m 2-pcs 15-40 35mm 260mm 7+Tip A 124
HSX-S-804MH MH 2.44m 2-pcs 15-50 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 137
HSX-S-804H H 2.44m 2-pcs 20-80 35mm 280mm 8+Tip A 150
Travel Casting Rods
HSX-C-704H H 2.13m 2-pcs 20-60 45mm 305mm 10+Tip B 135



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