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Nories Spoon Tail Shad 6 inch 5pcs (Japan)

Intended for predator most difficult, Spoon Tail Shad is addressed to the most demanding fishermen. Joining Set at the same time flexibility, realism and robustness, this new shad was conceived with a novel method of injection to dual-layer which gets a perfectly weigh Catapult swim to him and natural. It reacts even to very slow animations. This system of injection to dual-layer also allows a stratification of the colors on the sections interior and external of the lure what confers an incredible realism to him. Lastly, the form out of spoon of Spoon Tail Shad gives him a rolling pointing out perfectly the swim of a small fish. Norio Tanabe is proud to present to you his new creation, Spoon Tail Shad! 

Size: 15cm (6”) 
Packaging: 5

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