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Nories Merihari 6.7cm Floating (JAPAN)


Trout minnows must be balanced on straight retrieves, and be stable when using stop & go tactics. On top of that, it needs to be able to dart suddenly to entice reaction bites in cold water situations. MERIHARI does all of this and more. Ideal action in current and still water situations. The FEINT BAIT body creates a visually small silhouette while maintaining long distance casting ability. No more will anglers need to struggle and try casting small minnows over long distances in attempts to reach wary fish. 2 different weight settings, slow sinking model for inactive fish and pinpoint fishing, and floating model with sharp action for quickly and effectively catching active fish. The unique FEINT BAIT MERIHARI is ready to change the way you fish.

MERIHARI 67F 6.7 cm 4 g two, single 0.3 m

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