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Nories B-Sweet 70 lures (JAPAN) - VIVADO

Nories B-Sweet 70 lures (JAPAN)


B-SWEET works great regardless of the water quality, it is the perfect all condition crank bait. Built with Bone White ABS material it has high buoyancy that gives it a high pitch rolling wobble action. Fitted with a clear polycarbonate lip to make the lure appear smaller, it has a round centre balanced body for a not too strong appeal. The body design and lure action work synergistically to maximize the lures evasive ability when fishing around wood and soft weed areas that would cause other lures to become stuck. Designed with a fixed weight, its balanced design gives it a stable position in flight to achieve long cats needed when fishing on clear lakes. B-SWEET 70 makes crank baiting possible in all water conditions, from muddy to clear lakes.

Model Type Depth Length Weight
B-SWEET 70 Floating / Silent 1.8m/12lb 70mm 12.4g

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