Multi-Function Buff (Woodland)

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Multi-function headgear, popularly known as a buff, is basically a tubular piece of elasticated polyester, that cn be worn in a variety of different ways. It is seamless so you don't end up with an irritating thick-piece pressing into your forehead, which also makes it easier to manipulate into different shapes/sizes for its many different functions.

The buff can be worn as a scarf to keep your neck warm, as a headwrap, balaclava, headband, tactical pirate bandanna, mask or even as a cap. It all depends on how creative you get with your folding!

Manufactured by MilTec, this multi-function headgear is nice and lightweight whilst still offering plenty of insulation. Coming in the US Woodland pattern, it is the perfect addtion to your loadout, whether it is simply as a comforter for a lower mesh mask, to be used as a mask in its own right, or even as a tactical balaclava to further break up the human shape when in the woodland. Most commonly used in winter as a neck-warmer, or as a headband to keep forehead and ears warm, the buff is an extremely handy piece of kit to have in your gear bag due to its exceptional versatility.


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