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Mepps Streamer Gold - VIVADO

Mepps Streamer Gold


The Mepps Aglia Streamer combines the vibration and flash of the classic Mepps Aglia blade with the subtle and lifelike swimming action of a hand-tied streamer. It makes the ideal presentation for the stream, river or lake angler fishing for trout, salmon or grayling; or the fisherman matching the forage for bass, panfish or walleye. Aglia Streamers will match any fishing situation.

All Aglia Streamers feature a single long shank hook and are available with or without a treble hook stinger. In addition, all Aglia Streamers feature an easy-change body, so the streamer style or color can be changed with the flick of your wrist.

Six reasons you should be fishing the Aglia Streamer...

  • Subtle swimming action of a streamer.
  • Classic Mepps Aglia original French blade.
  • Quick release body for easy streamer change.
  • Single hook with flexible treble stinger hook for maximum hooking percentage.
  • Lifelike long fiber Micro Flash body for a natural minnow/baitfish presentation.
  • Single hook models meet single hook laws.

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