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Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO 9.5cm 10.6g

Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO 9.5cm 10.6g


Vision 95 Q-GO length of slightly less than 4 inches is designed for fishing in shallow water. But this is no ordinary MINNOW. Game of the bait is due to the new system of beams SHAFT BALANCER SYSTEM. Instead of freely moving balancer inside wobbler are short cylindrical balancer, as well as a cylindrical balancer, which is only used in the bait. It is a long cylinder and is fixed close to the rear along the bait cells. As a result, the new amazing game lures. This rocker, which works like a pendulum, the lure floats swaying. Unlike other balancers cylindrical balancer does not need to point the camera, so the space inside wobbler remains free. This makes it extremely buoyant baits.
Unique Vision wobbler 95 is that it fluctuates around its axis due SHAFT BALANCER system even after you stop posting.

  • lenght: 95,0 mm,
  • weigth: 9,8 g,
  • slow floating (SF),
  • depth: 0,1-0,5 м

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