Maxima Ultra Green line 100m

MAXIMASKU: 4021097010518

Size: 0.20mm
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Maxima Ultragreen 100m has been the number one choice for general purpose stillwater fishing for many years.

Maxima is regarded as one of the strongest standard monofilament leader lines today, this is no nonsense product that work's.

The Ultragreen colour of this mono ensures low visibility in a wide range of water conditions.

  • Super soft, strong yet limp line gives a more natural presentation for your bait or lure
  • Suppleness also makes Maxima Ultra Green very popular as fly leader material
  • Virtually invisible to fish as light rays are absorbed rather than reflected
  • Special line finish gives excellent abrasion resistance and high knot strength
  • Superior performance and consistent quality
  •  0.17mm / 4lb
  • 0.20mm / 5lb
  • 0.22mm / 6lb
  • 0.25mm / 8lb
  • 0.30mm / 10lb
  • 0.33mm / 12lb
  • 0.37mm / 15lb
  • 0.40mm / 18lb
  • 0.42mm / 20lb
  • 0.45mm / 23lb
  • 0.50mm / 25lb


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