Lucky John Cleo Spoon 4.1cm 5g

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Size: 5g
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An excellent choice for rainbow trout! You can use Cleo on ponds and in softly streaming brooks and rivers. In the wintertime, Cleo can be used as an effective jig. We recommend baiting with a piece of shrimp or bait paste. If the rules of your fishing spot allow, you can bait the hook in the summertime as well to increase the effectiveness of the lure significantly. Cast normally or troll slowly from a rowboat.
In addition to rainbow trout, Cleo is also a solid choice for perch and grayling fishing. In Lapland, grayling seasons lasts throughout the entire open water period, but perch fishing is recommended in July–August when the chasing perch come to hunt in shallow waters. You need light casting gear, but if you lack sufficiently light equipment, we recommend investing in trolling. Perch, rainbow trout, and grayling are all catchable with slow trolling.

  • Length: 4.1 cm
  • Weight: 5.00 gr
  • Species: trout, clean, perch
  • Attachment hook: simple debarb
  • Individual packing: 1 piece / pack


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