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A series of fusiform wobblers of twitch-bait class that are manufactured in the following sizes: 35, 40, 56, 70 and 90 mm. Two buoyance modifications are represented in each size group, except for 35: floating and suspender. 35 mm size is available only in floating version with an enlarged dropping blade (LBF). Due to MCS system, all of the BASARA Series wobblers have excellent flying properties and allow highly aggressive reeling with the lure. The main angling target: any predatory fish.

Lucky John Pro Series (LJ) wobblers created in Japan are particularly successful in the medium and small rivers, with the success of the predators being imitated by fish voblers - 3-6 cm. Wobblers have a unique UV effect - the coatings on which they are painted, glow in the ultraviolet rays and become an additional stimulant, which during the bad days of the day increases the likelihood of provoking a predator's attack, while in the time of active stiffness it ensures practically unceasing stiffness.
LJ wobblers incorporate a Magnetic Cast System (MSC) system for long-range exhaust, and the Outside Stabilizer System (OSS) system, which stabilizes bait posture and progress. LJ wobblers fittings exclusively Japanese: Rings and Tees Kishida (Saikyo). LJ voblers recommended for spinning in spring in small and medium-sized rivers - 3 "Japanese" series - LJ Basara, LJ Anira and LJ Haira Tiny, with 7 models in production.
Basara is produced by buoyancy (F) and neutral buoyancy (SP), except for the smallest 3.5 cm model, which is only floating. The last wobbler is tall, and the other is tumbling. The aerodynamic properties of the latter are ideal, which is a guarantee of long-distance and precise mowing. Flying Basara is most effective in the interfaces below the thresholds, in straight and wide sections of the river. Neutral Basara - a great tweet bait, effective in deep sections, muddles, near the mouths of the rivers. The aerodynamics of the longitudinal Basara (3.5 cm) is poorer, but this bait can be successfully plucked to the skull under the tilted branches and then swayed. The Basara series of wobblers comes in 16 color versions that allow you to adapt to a wide range of fishing conditions. Wobbler is intended for catching all predatory fish.
Basara 56F - floating, tvitchbait, 5.6 cm, 3 g, depth 0.6 m
Basara 56SP - neutral buoyancy, tvitchbait, 5.6 cm, 3.5 g, depth 1 m
Basara 40F - floating, tvitchbait, 4 cm, 2 g, depth 0.3 m
Basara 40SP - neutral buoyancy, tvitchbait, 4 cm, 2.5 g, depth 0.5 m
Basara 35LBF - floating, tall, shad, 3.5 cm, 2 g, depth 0.6 m


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