konger Steelon FC Match sinking 150M

Size: 0.12mm/2.40kg
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Steelon FC Match - An amazing monofilament line for match fishing lovers. Low extensibility, colour matched so that its spectrum vanishes first underwater, and fast sinking even in murky waters make this monofilament the season's bestseller. A perfectly round crosssection and no twisting tendency constitute the line's further chief assets.

A new series of the highest quality monofilaments manufactured in Japan. The polymer used for the production is a homogenous material strictly controlled in terms of quality, diameter and cross-section. This has resulted in an amazing monofilament line with a perfectly round cross-section and even strength along the whole length. Moreover, this monofilament is protected by an external fluorocarbon coating to maintain high parameters in a chemically aggressive water environment and protection against UV radiation. Another chief asset related to the use of the fluorocarbon coating is the enhanced abrasion resistance and surface smoothness, which has a substantial influence on the increase of casting distance. Seven monofilament types will allow matching a proper line to any fishing method.


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