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Konger Steelon FC Basic 150M

Konger Steelon FC Basic 150M


FC Steelon lines - A new series of the highest quality monofilaments manufactured in Japan. The polymer used for the production is a homogenous material strictly controlled in terms of quality, diameter and cross-section. This has resulted in an amazing monofilament line with a perfectly round cross-section and even strength along the whole length. Moreover, this monofilament is protected by an external fluorocarbon coating to maintain high parameters in a chemically aggressive water environment and protection against UV radiation. Another chief asset related to the use of the fluorocarbon coating is the enhanced abrasion resistance and surface smoothness, which has a substantial influence on the increase of casting distance. Seven monofilament types will allow matching a proper line to any fishing method.

Steelon FC Basic - A hyper-strong monofilament for demanding fishermen. Characterized by medium extensibility and great power ratio on the knot, it allows for calm fishing with no need of thinking about reeling a medal-winning fish. The colour has been matched so that the line would remain almost invisible in any conditions.

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