Kamatsu TECHRON Braid line 100m olive green

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KAMATSU Techron is a line of braids for different methods of fishing. It's summertime and many anglers probably use this time indulging in their passion. Before complement to each house equipment should be familiar with the latest review of the product contained in the offer Konger. This time readers of the FT prepared for the test of one of the braids of the Japanese manufacturer. Quality and performance braid Techron as already mentioned is packaged on a spool at a distance of 100 meter. Spool is packed in aesthetic, transparent plastic packaging. Spool contains basic information such as the diameter of the cord length and tensile strength. Manufacturer indicates that the braid is made of 100% Dyneema fibers. The cable is soft, flaccid. He has been deprived of all plastic additives affecting its rigidity. It is characterized by lush, green - olive color. After unpacking immediately occurred to the question of whether the color long it will continue. We'll take it later in the test. Yet dry determine susceptibility to deformation. Weave is relatively tight.


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