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Jarvis Walker Multi-Scarfs


This collection of Jarvis Multi-Scarfs is designed to put the exclamation mark on any fisho’s look. They go with all manner of fishing apparel, turning up the volume on the style factor while offering protection against the elements. Knowing how the Australian weather can really take it out of an angler, these Multi-Scarfs are sure to be a tremendous hit at an affordable price.

What they say about protection is true, you should always have it! It couldn’t be truer for Aussie anglers, who are the toughest in the world - they face the toughest fishing conditions in the world day-in and day-out.

These Multi-Scarfs have been designed using the highest quality and most comfortable material. They feel amazing on the skin. Anglers can wear them on their necks or wrap them around their faces and heads for extra protection. The breathable fabric ensures that air always gets through and reaches the skin, while the UV 30+ factor protects the skin from the harmful sun.

These Multi-Scarfs soak up sweat or any moisture from the environment like a sponge, allowing anglers the freedom to fish without feeling like they’ve just stepped out of a bath.

  • Moisture wicking breathable fabric
  • UV factor 30+
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Multiple uses. Covers, face, neck or head, whatever you need
  • Adult sizes, one size fits all
  • Unisex

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