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Jackall MagSquad was created for ambitious fisherman. It includes Dart and Stop & Go action all in one. The minnow’s weight system is the reason why the minnow is able to create a great Dart action, but also once you stop your rod, the bait action quickly stops as well. The traditional jerk bait used to have only Dart actions, however Jackall’s engineers made it possible to have both actions!

Squadminnow’s weight system creates a stable balance in the water. This lure will respond to many different types of retrieval speeds and gives you the action you want.

Constantly jerking the rod, will create a zigzag action. When you stop jerking the rod, the action stops in a second! You can use this bait for a variety of game fish.

Weight distribution system allows you to cast further.
  • Size 128mm
  • Weight 21g
  • Running depth 1.5m

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