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Greys prowla dead bait pop-up sticks - VIVADO

Greys prowla dead bait pop-up sticks


Unlike conventional floater sticks which are made from balsa wood and need to be forced into your dead bait, Prowla Dead Bait Pop-Up Floats feature a threaded point enabling you to easily screw them into thawed or even semi-frozen baits, allowing you to change presentation and critically balance your dead baits. They must be attached to your trace with wire to avoid loss (see diagram), and are available in small or medium sizes to work with baits up to 3oz and 6oz respectively. Try leaving the red eyelet sticking out of the bait to act as a visual striking point for predators. 

  • Threaded point to easily screw into thawed or even semi-frozen baits 
  • Attach to your trace with wire to avoid loss 
  • Red eyelet can act as a visual striking point for predators

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