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GECO .223 REM. EXPRESS 3,6G 56gr

GECO .223 REM. EXPRESS 3,6G 56gr



The .223 Rem. Express 56 gr shows best performance in hunting roe deer and fox and can be well used up to 200 m. Apart from the Express bullet for hunting also two FMJ bullets of different weight are produced for shooting with semi-automatic sporting arms. The original .223 Rem. was also introduced as 5.56 mm military version in many NATO countries.

The GECO Express gives a flat trajectory, a high bullet velocity and a fast energy transfer – all combined in a unique new GECO design. The streamlined bullet shape combined with the new GECO Express Tip allows for extremely precise long distance shots without correction of the aiming point. The jacket design allows high bullet velocities which are maintained right to the target and give an extremely high energy yield resulting in clean kills.

All ammunition purchases required a valid firearms licence. We cannot supply more than the amount stated on your licence. 
After completing purchase in the usual way, please email both sides of your licence and valid photo ID (passport or driving license) to or WhatsApp a photo of both sides of the cert to 0851238158

Construction GECO Express bullet

Suitable for any hunting situation and reliable in effectiveness when long distance shots are required.

1. GECO Express Tip: For precision and flatness

2. GECO BC-Shape: For a low air resistance

3. GECO Special Jacket: For high knock-down power


Bullet type:Fragmentation Bullet

Weight:3.6 g / 56 gr

Barrell Length:600 mm / 23.62 in

Ballistic Coefficient:0.202

Caliber:.223 Rem.

Unit size:20


Recoil:Very Light


V0 [m/s] 1010
V50 [m/s] 926
V100 [m/s] 848
V150 [m/s] 773
V200 [m/s] 703
V250 [m/s] 636
V300 [m/s] 574

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