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When targeting Zander with soft plastic shads, it is extremely important to use a rod that is up to the job of detecting the slightest bites. As well as this, with their boney jaws, whatever rod you choose needs to be able to set large single jig hooks with ease.

This is exactly what Fox Rage's Zander Pro Jig rod has been designed for and during the testing stages it has proved a great tool for this style of fishing. It features an extremely sensitive tip for detecting the subtle plucks from this species, yet has plenty of backbone nearer to the butt for not only connecting on the strike, but ensuring what ever is hooked can be landed safely.

It is available in two lengths – a 7’ 10” and 8’ 10” model. Both are capable of working jig heads between 15-50g, making it a very versatile rod for the zander angler who fishes from both boat and bank.


  • The perfect rod for targeting shy feeding predators such as zander
  • A great jig rod for use from boat or bank
  • Features a sensitive tip to help spot bites
  • Plenty of backbone in the butt to help set hooks
  • Available in 7’ 10” and 8’ 10”
  • Rated at 15-50g
  • High quality 24ton carbon construction
  • SIC Slim guides throughout
  • Black EVA and Rubber Cork handle
  • Fuji reel seat

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