Fox Rage 49 Strand Double Stingers

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No more missed bites and a success increase of up to 100% when soft bait fishing – especially on slow days with little fish activity is something everyone dreams about. The solution is a stinger, also called an extra treble hook. Due to their size, leader length and strength of the Powerpoint hooks used these Stingers are suitable for rubber baits of up to 28cm length and ideal for pike fishing! Due to the special positioning of the treble hooks they don’t affect bait motion but help to connect with almost every bite. “This treble hook plays a crucial role in the hooking rate when fishing big baits” – so says pike expert and European Champion Eckehard Götze. Constructed from1x19 steel in ‘natural brown’ colour with Powerpoint treble hooks. Crimped and tested by hand!

10/5 cm - 6&8 hooks - 6 kg

10/5 cm - 4&6 hooks - 12 kg

13/6 cm - 1&2 hooks - 18 kg

18/7 cm - 1&2 hooks - 18 kg


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