Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Perch 10cm/20g

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One of pike’s favourites! The Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Perch soft lure is crazy life-like and produces an amazing swimming action that predators will certainly go for!
The lure has a soft and flexible body that imitates a highly natural swimming action through the water. The soft body is also durable and resistant for use time and time again.
The body of the lure features advanced patterning detail and intense, realistic colours so it looks exactly like a real live perch. The eyes are 3D and there is a belly hook rotation system. This will help maintain and ensure hook holds and the hooks are high quality with ultra sharp points.
Super realistic perch body with advanced detailing
Features classic Replicant swimming action and attraction
Belly hook rotation system to help maintain hook holds
Super resistant body material
High-end hooks

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